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10 x Thuttis Coconut Halves Nariyal essential Sikh Wedding Ladies Milni Half Coconut Tutti Thamboolam Indian Wedding Accessory Asian

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This listing is for Made to Order Thuttis Decorated Coconut Halves typically exchanged during Ladies Milni Ceremony at Sikh Punjabi Weddings or in Telugu Weddings.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for making these and further shipping time. Usually 2-3 working days within the UK with standard second class

In your order you’d get 10 x Decorated Thuttis

Important: We just supply empty decorated coconut halves you can fill these up as per your requirement. Lace / Border designs and embellishments used may vary from the photos.

These can be made in the choice of your colour, fabric used is Velvet. The laces and the borders used could be slightly different from the photos

Use: These are given by Brides mother to the Main ladies of the Groom side during Ladies Milni time. Normally people put - Puffed Rice/ Mishri sugar candy rocks/ Elaichi/Phoolmakhana also known as fox nut/Sugared Almond/ and a £1 coin. Some put Chuara - Dried Date aswell
So basically any of the above 5 items + £coin or £5 note neatly folded. Money goes on top of the five items

Please kindly note as these are handmade pieces these cannot be identical in size and shape there will be discrepancies and no two thuttis will be same !!

Thanks for looking feel free to get in Touch if you have any questions 🙏
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